Abraham Lincoln and Dixie

I was meditating this morning and the vision of a familiar face kept pushing through. Really, it was the side burns and the hollowed out cheekbones that I knew, but couldn't place. The visions were quick, partial and they were so close to my face I couldn't see who it was. I focused on bringing this man's face into full view so I could see him, but all I hear is "Free the race. Free the animal race.".

Bam, like lightning I'm somewhere else. I now have an Aboriginal Elder RIGHT IN MY FACE. We're almost touching noses he's so close! What is it with faces being so close to my face today. I felt a little suffocated like I needed to take a step back and get him out of my personal space. Well, it didn't seem that was how my spirit people wanted to be seen today and I guess there's a significance to that. You know when someone's standing or leaning into your energy field you get a bit snippity. I guess they're trying to get some action out of me.

A female aboriginal elder flashes into my vision - she appears to be a medicine woman. She's there just for a moment before that vision is taken over by the sound of the Aboriginal male speaking. I only understand English so I don't know what is being said, but I know that I'm going to understand so I wait, wondering how I'm going to hear this in my language. I listen to this man speaking and I feel him talking to my Soul; his voice has me mesmerised. Not just the sound, but at a deeper level I know what he's saying even though I don't understand his language.

We're off again! The original face with the hollowed cheekbones is back and I know for certain now it is Abraham Lincoln. I'm quite taken aback having him here and while I know he had a soft spot for people, I had no idea until now that he was such an animal lover. My American President history doesn't have that much depth. Of course I have since Googled to see if anyone had written about this subject and there are pages and pages of information about his love of all animals, particularly cats (something we have in common). Amazing. I get educated while I work in this spirit world. He repeats, "Free the animal race". Pause, black screen and then enter the lone buffalo. Up close and personal also. He stands staring at me, stamping his foot and snorting frosted air. I hear one loud and very clear word, "HELP" while he continues to drill me with his buffalo-esk stare.

That vision dissolves back to the sound of the Aboriginal Elder speaking. I feel like I'm watching tennis, looking from one vision and sound (and country) to the next and back again. As I watch and wait for the understanding to come, the voice of a translator shines through. How cool is that. A translator in spirit. Just when I thought I'd seen it all. I hear the Elder in the background and the translator a little louder over the top, speaking in their broken sentences as they're listening first before translating back. It did go for some minutes, but basically the message went something like this:

"You are the spokesperson of all creatures. Teach what you know. We are at a critical point with the ignorance of man. Medicine woman help my land, help my people care for our land and (all) its inhabitants. They can no longer do this alone; you are destined to be in this picture. All continents are one land. You are to give help to all. Live your duty. Help us. We will guide you; we will show you your path; we will teach you as you go. Start. Speak what you know. Stop the ignorance; connect the people with the planet or this great land will perish. It is already in process, but we can stop these disasters; we have the power."

Abraham Lincoln. Seriously! You came to see little old me! Have I mentioned how much I love this work lately. So damn good. And I will do more my animal friends. (Right after I finish my last 12 months of accounts!).

JUST ANOTHER FASCINATING DAY IN THE LIFE OF MY MEDITATIONS! The messages are repeating it seems just the delivery is from different people in spirit. If you've followed my previous posts of spirit messages you will see a common theme.