I sit, close my eyes and become very still. There is no plan or contemplation, just creating some space before an early morning reading. I could feel myself dropping - dropping in or dropping out or somewhere, I'm not sure where I was going. I felt very heavy all over, I couldn't keep my head up and my arms and legs were like lead. Before long I started to notice colour around me. When I opened my "meditative inner eye" I could see I was in a field of long grass. It was early morning and while the sun was up and at it, there was a slight chill in the air.

I let me mind follow the scene that was developing as if observing from above. I stand in this field waving my hands through the grass, feeling the texture between my fingers. As I look up towards the dirt road and horizon I notice an animal coming towards me far off into the distance. And even though I couldn't see who this was, we were making  some serious "long distance eye contact"!!! By the stature and gait I knew this was a "big cat" of some kind. Not the fluffy, cute Burmese kind though, the type that could sort me out in one delicious mouthful. We keep walking towards each other and as if he has stepped through a wall of mist, it becomes very clear my kitty kat is a tiger.

The tiger is one of my power animals that has recently made his presence known and I am feeling him around me most days lately. Amongst other things, the tiger symbolises clear focus and staying present. Clarity around my direction had been eluding me the last few years until recently and so this is particularly relevant to me right now. When I look at it, it comes as no surprise that the tiger has decided to join my posse of animal guides.

We are very close now, close enough to touch. I put my hand out to let Tiger smell me and for a moment I rest my hand on his head. He has come with a message so I crouch down to be more at his eye level. When animals look you in the eye, the wisdom just seems to explode out of them and into you. I felt this overwhelming sense of power fill me which I can't at all describe, but I could feel it. His words are few, direct and very clear. If you can imagine a very old man speaking very slowly, but loaded with wisdom, this is how he sounded to me when he said....

"Represent us. Do the work."

And that I will do my Tiger friend, as best as I possibly can!