Life can oftentimes feel like a mash up of discordant musical notes; an unpleasant clashing ensemble of frequencies that make your ears want to curl up and die. It was one of those times and a consult with my spirit posse to navigate  “where to from here” was in order. At this point I had had a particular query running around in my head for some weeks and I couldn’t seem to get to the bottom of it, so I was calling in the big guns for help.

This is an excerpt from one of my many “conversations with spirit” journals I have cluttering up the house.

12 March 2019

“Keep coming”, she says.
“Where are we going?” I ask.
“We’re nearly there, you’ll see.”

We pootle along, making our way across an endless expanse of long grass, dirt trails and nothingness to somewhere yet to be revealed. I don’t know whether I’m curious or confused, but I follow my new friends Ralph the Irish Wolfhound and Tabitha, a strikingly beautiful white Macaw to show me 'the way'. I feel like I’m waiting for a life lesson from the Tao Te Ching.

Ralph, who’s joined us for this leg of the “Tour Te Ching” – plods along steadily beside me, oozing calmness and out of my reach wisdom. I’m lost in thought wondering who these spirit animals are and what we’re looking for when his deep baritone voice bursts through my fog,  “It’s not not there because you can’t see it. It is already there you can feel it. Be patient my friend.”

I land on the words “be patient” with a weary sigh as I endeavour to unravel the meaning behind his words in my knotted mind. In the midst of my impatience with the idea of being patient my attention shifts to what appears to be a glistening pool of water in the distance. The air is bitingly hot on my skin and I dream of immersing my overheated body into that delicious coolness.

The water is dark inky blue and mysterious and I imagine people standing alongside sharing their deepest thoughts and desires. I am entranced by this bottomless well of secrecy and fight to tear my gaze away when I hear Tabitha asking me a question.

“Can you see?” she asks. I desperately look into the lake’s surface to see what she can see that is clearly eluding me.

“No, there’s nothing there”, I respond.

“Yes ... It’s everything and it’s nothing. The key to everything is in nothingness. You have everything you need, there is nothing else. You are searching for something that is not there, but is already there.”

A prolonged pause before she whispers the words, “THE MYSTERY LIES DEEP”.