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An 8 week Mentoring and Training Program designed to strengthen and deepen the relationship you have with your horse that will improve your overall performance.


Building Connections

The Connected Champions' Philosophy

Understanding Fosters Connection.
Connection Drives Performance!

My view is, that if you could improve your understanding, trust and confidence with your horse, it would have a significant impact on your connection and performance.

The Connected Champions protégé program will help you understand your horse on a profound level, it will increase your confidence to push your edge and it will create a more relaxed and enjoyable riding experience for both you and your horse.

The power comes from the weekly group mentoring sessions, facilitated by Rommie Buhler. This program is conducted over an 8 week period. Each week, a group mentoring session is held, bringing the riding team together to explore the concepts and learnings of that week’s topic.

The discussion focuses on one key question: “How can we apply these principles to create superior relationships and elevate our performance?”

When you think, feel and move as one intuitive fluid working unit, you WILL become Connected Champions where you will enjoy an amazing sense of partnership and mutual understanding. In this space you have the potential to breakthrough barriers that have been holding you back, not just in your riding or competition, but in your personal growth and development.

Are you Ready to Ride Inspired?

UNDERSTAND your Horse with unshakeable Confidence.
Build a deep mutual Respect.
IMPROVE your Performance.

You know your horse has their own unique personality and quirky traits and they can often be difficult to understand and communicate with.

You also know that leading them through dominance hasn't improved your performance or partnership let alone solved those frustrating behavioural issues.

And you've probably already picked up on the fact your equine partner craves RESPECT, TRUST and mutual UNDERSTANDING? Sounds a lot like us really doesn't it!

The trouble is, that while you are aware of this, the process to get there has so far been elusive.


➡️ You want to be able to troubleshoot at any given moment.

➡️ You don't just want to be an okay jumper or hunter or barrel racer or..., you want to be a great one.

➡️ You want to be able to have a conversation with them to know and understand them better from their perspective so you can care for them in a more appropriate way.

➡️ You want be able to make quick and smart decisions.

If you want exceptional support, guidance and mentoring you have come to the right place!

▶️ Are you ready to find out what MOTIVATES your horse, become more CONFIDENT in the saddle and improve your performance?

▶️ Are you ready to access your deepest decision maker; your intuition to better UNDERSTAND what your horse needs and develop a deeper friendship and CONNECTION with them?

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Are any of these problems affecting you as a rider?

Your horse isn't performing in the way you'd hoped.

Your horse has become difficult to manage.

Your horse is not responding to your instruction.
You wished you understood them better.
You have no connection with your horse.
You are wanting to improve your performance at events.
You don't understand how to communicate with your horse.
You don't know what the right decisions are to make.
You are not feeling confident in the saddle.
You don't know what you don't know.
You feel like you are working against your horse and not with them.


Living in a world that is reluctant to challenge outdated belief systems, limits not only our personal growth, but it stops us seeing the opportunities that come our way that have the potential to transform our lives in ways we could never imagine. Intuitive Interspecies Communication is one of these concepts that if you open your mind, it may well be the greatest thing you ever do. I would like to share an excerpt from the Foreword of my book Animals Speak by Veterinarian, Rachael Smith.

As a veterinarian, this would be a useful tool (interspecies communication), but beyond the scope of what I understood, and beyond the belief of my education and training. As a veterinarian, it is also easy to ‘pigeon hole’ people who have such claims.

A valuable lesson I have learned in my profession are the things we most often resent or criticise, are the things we fear or just don’t yet understand. As people, we have a choice to remain open minded and attempt to learn more about the things or people we resent or criticise, or continue to do so. The outcome of these learnings may confirm the scepticism was warranted, or even better may confirm there is validity and value for such a skill set or person in our lives or profession, even if we don’t fully understand the process.

When Rommie asked me to write the foreword for her book, I was excited that her experiences and knowledge would be shared, but I was also conflicted. How, as a member of the veterinary profession could I endorse a book that challenged the trained scientific logic that we are conditioned to? On reflection, I realised that the two are not mutually exclusive, rather an opportunity for collaboration and integration. An opportunity to endorse the intent of the subject matter, which is aligned with all animal care providers, all of which have an overarching goal that is greater than their own individual professions, and that is: to improve the health and wellbeing of animals, and the connection and relationship they have with the humans in their lives.

Rachael Smith

Dream Partnerships
Building Next Level Connections!

Dream A More Complete Partnership with your Horse into Life.

Are you ready to take your relationship to the next level?



Are you wanting to understand each other more fully?


Mutual Trust

Are you looking to create a more trusting and bonded relationship?


Dream Partnerships

Are you willing to do the work to create this dream partnership?

Only when you have trust, respect and a deep mutual understanding can you step into your potential.

Get Started with the 8 Wheels of Change
for Connected Champions today.

The 8 Wheels of
Connected Champions

During this Program you will receive:

2 x 45 minute communication sessions from Rommie with your horse. One before the program begins and the second towards the end of the program.

8 weeks, 2 hours/week online interactive training (held on Zoom).

Small group setting (min 5, max 10 participants per group).

Group Intuitive Interspecies Communications with your horse from other participants.

Worksheets, Quizzes and Meditations to download for your homework.

Supplemental Videos supporting the introduction to IIC.

A private group to interact with other participants.

Group Voice Message support during the training.

A copy of my book Animals Speak.

Being a part of a Group Energy of other amazing horse lovers from all over the world where you will learn from and be supported by each other.


The Program

45 Minute Communication Session with your Horse by Rommie.

A reference point to physical and psychological health and behaviour.
Week one is an overview and introduction into the program and the beginnings of getting to know your horse on a whole new level. We learn the methodology to measure and monitor change of your horse's physical and psychological health and behaviour over the coming 8 weeks.

Attuning to your horse’s energetic systems.
Energetics is all about your horse and their energy systems. Here you will gain a deeper understanding into their life's purpose and how that connects with you. You will learn to scan then clear and balance any disturbances in flow of their energy for overall health and wellbeing.

Understanding your role in your horse's performance, health and behaviour.
To develop a deeper understanding and connection with your horse, it is key to learn more about your own inner landscape and how that affects your horse's health, behaviour and performance. You will not only become more aware of your own Self, you will learn how to clear and manage your energy for better focus and concentration for training, competition (and your everyday activities).

Learning Intuitive Interspecies Communication (IIC).
You will learn the basics of how to communicate with your horse during this week. That is, asking them a question and receiving an answer. You will learn the 6 Steps to communicating with your horse, as well you will be practicing IIC with other participants' horses.

Learning methodology for physical and emotional body scanning.
You will discover the basics of Body Scanning (ie, scanning the physical and emotional bodies of your horse). You will begin to learn how the emotional body affects the physical body, where the problem may lie and how it feels for your horse. A group session practising on participants’ horses.

Building the foundation to improve performance.
Discerning what the current, ongoing or recurring performance and behavioural problems you are experiencing with your horse and what you are hoping to achieve in your partnership. Included in this week's group discussion you will learn how to use imagery and language to help your horse understand what you are asking of them in training, competition and your everyday life together.

Practical solutions to calm anxious horses and manage bad habits.
This week is a hands-on, practical session learning some of the (simple) solutions that are available to resolve behaviour and performance problems and further strengthen your partnership.

45 Minute Communication Session with your Horse by Rommie.

Bringing the puzzle together.
The final session will be a review of the past 7 weeks' lessons to consolidate your learning and establish a rewarding equestrian experience going forward. We will take a look at what challenges and blocks may arise, we will dive into a Q&A session and finish with an end of program celebration.

Meet Your Mentor

Rommie Buhler

Rommie is a leading international Intuitive Interspecies Communicator*, Facilitator and #1 Best Selling Author. For the past 10 years, she has been working intimately with thousands of performance horse riders, horse trainers, dog trainers and domesticated animal parents to build powerful animal-human connections that transform (both) their lives- through educational programs and trainings, through offering a deeper understanding of their animals’ health, behaviour and emotional state and through providing alternate solutions to sometimes complex issues that arise.

Humans are crucial to helping animals live the improved quality of life they desire and deserve but they need to be better equipped to do so. Through mentoring and training programs Rommie is committed to helping animal carers, minders and handlers to connect with and understand their animals at their most core level- to strengthen relationships, build trust, improve performance, support training and to nurture their inner spirit.

*Intuitive Interspecies Communicator also known as Animal Communication

It's probably not for you if:

You are not willing to put in the work required to create change.
You are closed to noncomformist methods and are not willing to open your mind and question beliefs.
You are a child or cannot work without supervision.
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What People Are Saying


Payment Plans are available for Silver and Platinum Packages.

Take advantage of the opening program Beta pricing as we iron out the creases.


Australian Dollars

Your investment is $1200AUD or 3 payments of $460/month.​

Weekly 2 hour group meeting in Zoom for 8 weeks.
2 x 45 minute communication sessions with your horse by Rommie.
Community Group Voice Message Support.
Group session replays available for the duration of the program.
Private Facebook Group.


Australian Dollars

Your investment is $2100AUD or 3 payments of $805/month.​

Everything in the Standard Package.
One x 90 minute VIP session with Rommie on any topic/s during the 8 week program.
Voice message coaching with Rommie from the commencement of the program up to 1 week after the program finishes.

**Packages are also available in person. Travel Costs will apply. Contact me to discuss further.


Do you have questions that aren't listed?


Who is this program for?
  • Adults riding for competition (or anyone that can work in a group setting on Zoom without supervision).
  • Those people training or working with horses in some capacity.
  • People willing to open their minds and question current beliefs.
  • I am looking for people that are serious in learning and building their relationship with their horse. You will need to turn up every week, participate in the open discussions and practise as required with fellow participants.
  • Those that are open to nonconformist methods.
Who is this program not for?
  • Anyone unwilling to open their minds and question their current beliefs.
  • Anyone closed to unconventional methods.
  • Children or anyone that cannot work in a group setting on Zoom without supervision.
Where is the training held and how does it work?

Live sessions every week for 8 weeks will be held online on Zoom (unless in person has been arranged).

The sessions are recorded for those who cannot attend and will be available for the duration of the program.

What if I need some extra help outside of the Group?

Monthly one-on-one mentoring sessions (via Zoom) are available for those wanting additional custom support (whether encouragement, more time for specific questions, education or skills development). Please see pricing for further information and to book.

What if I can't make a session?

The weekly sessions will be recorded and a link will be sent out within 24 hours of the Zoom meeting. Recorded sessions are available for the duration of the program to watch as many times as you need to.

What this program is NOT.

This is not horse training or an observation practice.

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