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Learn Energy Medicine, Animal Communication & Medical Intuition, Build understanding and connection and Ignite harmony with your horse in 8-weeks.

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8-week Connected Champions Program To Start Building Understanding, Connection and Performance with your Horse.

In this online, multidisciplinary group mentoring program, you’ll be guided by expert Holistic Animal Health Coach and founder of the Connected Champions Protégé Program, Rommie Buhler, as she teaches you the foundational strategies to build understanding and connection with horses that riders desperately crave today.

When you join the program, you’ll get insider access to Rommie's top-level training, including the proven tools, methods and community support you need to ignite your relationship with your horse – in just eight weeks.
Learn Tools to Calm Your Horse!
Learn techniques to regulate your horse's nervous system so they can be more grounded, calm, relaxed, less spooked and easier to train.
Be A Relaxed Leader!
Learn how to moderate your nervous system so you can be a calm and relaxed leader.
Reduce Confusion!
Learn ways to access your innate intuitive power to awaken your ability to have conversations with your horse to better UNDERSTAND what they need, transform your connection, reduce confusion, misunderstandings and unwanted behaviours.
How Your Horse Ticks!
Be more confident in and out of the saddle. Understand your horse's characteristics and learn what MOTIVATES them, how they best learn, what are their strengths and weaknesses?
Energy Impacts Behaviour.
Discover your horses's and your own energy anatomy and timeline and how that influences your health and behaviour. Learn how to clear energy and create healing habits.

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The Connected Champions Philosophy

My view is, that if you could improve your understanding, trust and confidence with your horse, it would have a significant impact on your connection and performance.

The Connected Champions protégé program will give you greater insight into your horse’s inherent nature, design, constitution and tendencies and it will increase your confidence and connection to create a more relaxed and enjoyable riding, training and handling experience for both you and your horse..

The power comes from the weekly group mentoring sessions, facilitated by Rommie Buhler. This program is conducted over an 8 week period. Each week, a group mentoring session is held, bringing the riding team together to explore the concepts and learnings of that week’s topic.

The discussion focuses on one key question: “How can we apply these principles to create superior relationships and elevate our performance?”

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3 Ways The Connected Champions Program Will Ignite Harmony and Performance with your Horse.


Discover my unique method- The Bühler Method. An approach based on Energy Medicine, Animal Communication and Medical Intuition so not only will you know exactly what’s going on with your horse physically, emotionally and behaviourally at any given time, you will also have the tools to work problems as they arise.

Get a birds eye view into your horse's and your own energetic make up, inherent nature according to Chinese Medicine philosophy and soul purpose with each other that inspires greater understanding and connection.


Get access to my proven training methods that I have refined over the past 10 years.

I will guide you step-by-step as you learn energy medicine, animal communication, intuitive development, energy realignment and medical intuition- with weekly group mentoring sessions, guided handouts, videos and support from the most inspiring community you could imagine.


I have spent over 30 years learning and working with energy and intuition for both animals and people and this is the basis for developing this proven method. In the Connected Champions program, you’ll get the ultimate tools and guidance to igniting your relationship with your horse and yourSelf in just 8 WEEKS.

By the end of the program, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to build such a potent level of understanding and connection with your horse that it will revolutionise harmony and performance.

Meet Your Mentor


Rommie is a leading international (Intuitive) Animal Communicator, Facilitator and #1 Best Selling Author. For the past 10 years, she has been working intimately with thousands of performance horse riders, horse trainers, dog trainers and domesticated animal parents to build powerful animal-human connections that transform (both) their lives- through educational programs and trainings, through offering a deeper understanding of their animals’ health, behaviour and emotional state and through providing alternate solutions to sometimes complex issues that arise.

Humans are crucial to helping animals live the improved quality of life they desire and deserve, but they need to be better equipped to do so. Through mentoring and training programs Rommie is committed to helping animal carers, minders and handlers to connect with and understand their animals at their most core level- to strengthen relationships, build trust, improve performance, support training and to nurture their inner spirit.


What They're Saying

WOW! We had our best training session ever.

I  100% know that this connection and willingness I'm experiencing is hugely to do with this most amazing program. My horse is so happy! He is walking straight up to me when I arrive at the paddock, so keen to put his head in the halter and the bridle, is both relaxed and responsive while training.

This is a horse who a month ago was in fight/flight, rearing, bucking, having tantrums etc etc. I knew there was so much magic on the inside, he just needed to be understood, to let go, open his heart and learn to trust... and of course I've needed to do all that too. Gosh he's teaching me so much. How amazing is life as a connected champion for both us and our magnificent horses.

Justine Davis


I feel more connected to Ranger than ever.

I feel more connected to Ranger than I ever have; we are just having the time of our lives. I learned so much about me and how our relationship can be even better than it was. I thought it was pretty darn good to begin with, but it's getting better all the time.

Doreen Doschadis


It has been life changing for me.

I've just done two big days of trimming feet and pretty much did not have a single horse snatch a leg, it was just amazing. I had two new clients that I hadn't met before that I'd been warned not to do their feet without the owner being there- they're very highly strung and they were unbelievable. And she just stood there going, it's like, you've sedated my horses.

It was amazing the reaction these horses had to me and the way I handled them. It makes you, it makes you feel so good. It's just incredible.

Tui Willson


This program for me has honestly been a life changer! I can hand on heart say I have loved every minute of it.

I have spent the last 4 years of owning her either getting out there with a rush mentality of, right we're going riding today, or sending her to trainers to "fix" her and hope she will be good for me, but I've realised it starts with me. I've never taken the time properly to really bond with her so now I'm doing that she has really clung to me which is what I've always dreamt of. I just thought she honestly doesn't even like me. This work Rommie is truly what I've needed all along. It's helping me in so many aspects of my life! So thank you thank you thank you!

Rhiannon Dyke


You have given me such an amazing opportunity, showing me the path to becoming closer to Alphie.

The healing I did was on a knot that had been there for a long while and I have not been able to move them through massage, red light or Bowen. I felt his back yesterday and it was gone. I nearly didn't believe it, so went around to his other side and that one was still there. Went back around to the first side to feel his back again and it is definitely gone.This for me is just so amazing and I know he will be feeling better under saddle for it!

Rowena Morris



Living in a world that is reluctant to challenge outdated belief systems, limits not only our personal growth, but it stops us seeing the opportunities that come our way that have the potential to transform our lives in ways we could never imagine. Intuitive Interspecies Communication is one of these concepts that if you open your mind, it may well be the greatest thing you ever do. I would like to share an excerpt from the Foreword of my book Animals Speak by Veterinarian, Rachael Smith.

As a veterinarian, this would be a useful tool (animal communication), but beyond the scope of what I understood, and beyond the belief of my education and training. As a veterinarian, it is also easy to ‘pigeon hole’ people who have such claims.

A valuable lesson I have learned in my profession are the things we most often resent or criticise, are the things we fear or just don’t yet understand. As people, we have a choice to remain open minded and attempt to learn more about the things or people we resent or criticise, or continue to do so. The outcome of these learnings may confirm the scepticism was warranted, or even better may confirm there is validity and value for such a skill set or person in our lives or profession, even if we don’t fully understand the process.

When Rommie asked me to write the foreword for her book, I was excited that her experiences and knowledge would be shared, but I was also conflicted. How, as a member of the veterinary profession could I endorse a book that challenged the trained scientific logic that we are conditioned to? On reflection, I realised that the two are not mutually exclusive, rather an opportunity for collaboration and integration. An opportunity to endorse the intent of the subject matter, which is aligned with all animal care providers, all of which have an overarching goal that is greater than their own individual professions, and that is: to improve the health and wellbeing of animals, and the connection and relationship they have with the humans in their lives.

Rachael Smith

What You Will Learn


Return your horse to their natural energetic state for a more centred, calm and relaxed disposition.

Learn to see, clear and align energy for optimal health, to create healing habits and to reduce some of the unwanted behaviours experienced.

Learn to have a two way conversation with your horse and see your relationship transform as you discover how they feel and what they need at any given time.

Learn to see, feel and scan inside your horse’s body so you know when your horse is in pain, has an injury or illness or when you know something’s ‘off’.

Learn and gather tools to reduce fear and anxiety, manage spookiness, reset the nervous system, instil calmness and restore chaos and alarm.

Learn about your horse’s innate character, their vulnerabilities, ways they best learn and help them find and maintain balance so they can thrive.

Discover your personal life’s pathway to better understand how you have become who you are today and how you energetically influence your horse.

Discover how the influence of previous lifetimes, in utero, early foal/childhood and beyond affects your horse’s and your own health and behaviour.

Learn ways to clear limiting beliefs, manage energy, clear trapped emotions to live a life of congruence and flow with your horse and others.

Learn the language that reduces confusion, misunderstandings and unwanted behaviours.

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What You'll Get With This Program

2 x 45 minute communication sessions from Rommie with your horse. One before the program begins and the second towards the end of the program.
Group Animal Communications with your horse from other participants.
8 weeks of 3 hour online interactive training (held on Zoom).
Small group setting (min 5, max 10 participants per group).
Worksheets, Quizzes and Meditations to download for your homework.
Supplemental Videos supporting the introduction to Animal Communication.
A private group to interact with other participants.
A copy of my book Animals Speak.
Group Voice Message support during the training.
A written report detailing your personalised Soul Profile and Blueprint will be completed by Rommie and available during Wheel 3.
Being a part of a Group Energy of other inspiring horse lovers from all over the world where you will learn from and be supported by each other.

Who Is This Program For?

I am not here to teach you how to train your horse, that is not my specialty, I am here to help you Build Understanding, Connection and Performance with your horse that will take you beyond what you have only dared to dream.

It is an 8 Wheel Program designed to find oneness between you and your horse; a cohesion that embeds a brand new level of understanding and it looks a little like this:


This program IS for you if:

You are wishing to establish a strong sense of harmony, trust and connection with your horse.
You are wanting to improve performance.
You are participating in an Equestrian Sport, an Adult Rider, Recreational Rider, Equine Therapist or Handler of horses searching for a deeper understanding of your horse, yourself and your relationship.
You are open to unconventional methods.

It's probably NOT for you if:

You are not willing to put in the work required to create change.
You are looking for a quick fix.
You are closed to noncomformist methods and are not willing to open your mind and question beliefs.
You are a child or cannot work without supervision.
Yes, Sign Me Up!

The Program

The 8 Wheels of Change for
Connected Champions!

I am not here to teach you how to train your horse, that is someone else’s specialty, I am here to help you Build Understanding, Connection and Performance with your horse that will take you beyond what you have only dared to dream.

It is an 8 Wheel Program designed to find oneness between you and your horse; a cohesion that embeds a brand new level of understanding and it looks a little like this:

45 Minute Communication Session with your Horse by Rommie.
WHEEL 1, Baseline Week 1
A reference point to physical and psychological health and behaviour.

Scratch what you already know, we’re starting again! We draw a line in the sand and set a starting point to understand both your horse’s and your own physical and emotional health. 

Spliced into this baseline are techniques to reset your horse back to their innately balanced energetic state and to teach you to find calmness in any situation. Phenomenal things have happened during this Wheel, from horses lying down and falling asleep at their person’s feet to attempting to sit in one’s lap, to the highly irregular behaviour of racing in excited glee to greet their person to endeavouring to get into a bath with them. And this is just the beginning!

WHEEL 2, Energetics Week 2
Attuning to your horse’s energetic systems.

To find this unified state between horse and person we must first look at the individuals.  Through intuitive processes, a complete energetic timeline of your horse is established from their past lives, status in-utero, early foalhood and their experiences with their people- all that have collectively created their current state of being and behaviour. 

We begin by understanding how your horse’s energetic body is made up, including energy fields, energy centres and energy pathways before we learn simple ways to clear, realign and rebalance energy for optimal health and wellbeing.


Prior to Introspection week, Rommie will be compiling your Soul Profile and Soul Blueprint reports. To better understand yourself, it is important to know who you are at a Soul level. This is our truest nature at the very core. The Soul Profile will show you what your talents, traits and gifts are as they are in every lifetime you have ever experienced. This will help you live a more meaningful and on-purpose life.

The Soul Blueprint will help you understand how you best operate, manifest and get things done in this lifetime. For example, if you are starting a business, looking for a way to exercise, wondering how to market a product, your Soul is made up in a very specific way that can optimise your outcome. That is, it is not following a text book, a personal trainer that has one way or a marketing guru that suggests their way. It is Your Soul's Way and that is the only way for you.

WHEEL 3, Introspection Week 3
Understanding your role in your horse's performance, health and behaviour.

There will never be cohesion while we believe our horse is the problem. Who are we in this picture? How does your horse receive your energy when you turn up in their day? How are they responding to you? Who are you right now? Who are you at a Soul level? Why do you do the things you do? Why do you react the way you do? 

The study of Self begins here! We throw the spotlight on your Soul Profile, Operating Blueprint and your own energetic timeline; from your past lives, ancestral influencing patterns, the influence of your mother in the womb, your first 7 years, childhood and beyond- all providing great insight into how you have become who you are, your limiting beliefs and where your energy is being squandered.

Deeper realizations of Self are born here; ones that generate significant understanding of personal patterns, belief systems, energy expenditure and depletion, personal (human) partnership makeup and so on. We build a personal toolbox of energy medicine techniques to reset belief systems and energetic imbalances.

WHEEL 4, Exchange Week 4
Learning Animal Communication.

How is there a relationship without a two way communication? There is, but it is one sided and loaded with presumptions and guesswork. Talking to your horse is next level understanding- we ask them questions, hear their answers, digest the information and see them in a fresh light that finds us treating them ever so slightly more attuned to their actual needs and desires.

With group practice the intuitive muscles are being fully stretched and the fine tuning begins. Profound realisations that when you can connect and communicate from anywhere in the world, you never really have to leave them!

WHEEL 5, Connection Week 5
Learning methodology for physical and emotional body scanning.

There is intellectual understanding and then there is understanding with feeling connected to it. That’s where medical intuition and body scanning brings a grander and more intense experience with our horse. Feel their teeth and gums, feel their inflamed stomach, feel that lumbar pain, feel the sores under saddle, feel the misaligned poll, feel their anxiety, fear, depression, frustration and boredom. Feel, feel, feel, feel, feel and feel some more! Feeling and not thinking can have a transformative effect on your horse’s behaviour and health when you understand them from this perspective.

WHEEL 6, Performance Week 6
Building the foundation to improve performance.

Performance is a subjective concept; one that may hold great importance to competitors and to others it is of no interest at all. Either way, it is another piece of the jigsaw to understand our horses and selves. Our hard-wired language and our horse’s inherent character are two elements worthy of attention.

The images created in our inner vision by the language we use with our horses can and does create misunderstanding (of our direction) for them, confusion and unwanted behaviours. It is our hard wiring that requires rehabituating. 

Like us, our horses have their own unique character, physical and emotional vulnerabilities and best ways to be supported. This alone is a relationship changer. When you know their unique profile, you will also know how they best learn, relax and have fun. You will know how you can help them find balance and what may need extra support to reduce potential health problems in the future.

Epiphanies aplenty at this stage!

WHEEL 7, Performance Enhancement Week 7
Practical solutions to calm anxious horses and manage unwanted behaviours.

As the emotional problems, fight/flight/freeze responses, nutritional imbalances, injuries and illnesses are almost impossible to avoid for both horse and human, there must be an ongoing gathering of tools and techniques to balance, harmonize, clear and heal these problems as they arise. Through the endless array of energy medicine practices it is possible to calm, restore, release trapped emotions and build healing habits for ongoing health, wellbeing and performance.

45 Minute Communication Session. An option to either have this session with your horse or yourself.
WHEEL 8, Consolidation Week 8
Bringing the puzzle together.

This relationship we hold with our horse can be far from easy to navigate. Let’s face it, there is a human and a (prey) animal involved, both with different agendas, make up and needs that can change with the wind. BUT... with love, consistency, a Grand Canyon of understanding and commitment the puzzle can be pieced together. My aim throughout this journey is to help you find the pieces of your very unique and extraordinary jigsaw. By the end, do you have these puzzles complete? Possibly not, but I do know you will be considerably further along your path of “oneness”, connection, performance and understanding than when you began.


How Much is the Program?

Payment Plans are available for all Packages.


approx $1400/USD
Payment Plan Available

Your investment is $2200AUD or 3 payments of $840/month.​

Weekly 2 hour group meeting in Zoom for 8 weeks.
2 x 45 minute communication sessions with your horse by Rommie.
Community Group Voice Message Support.
Group session replays available for the duration of the program.
Private Facebook Group.


approx $2000/USD
Payment Plan Available

Your investment is $3100AUD or 3 payments of $1045/month.​

Everything in the Standard Package.
One x 90 minute VIP session with Rommie on any topic/s during the 8 week program.
Voice message coaching with Rommie from the commencement of the program up to 1 week after the program finishes.

**Packages are also available in person. Travel Costs will apply. Contact me to discuss further.

Love from the Graduates...

I've just read through my soul profile and it's helped me so much in understanding why and where my energy has been depleted. This is such an incredible tool for course correction thank you.

Justine Davis
Australia | Dressage

"I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of this beautiful and transformational journey. I can hand on heart say I have loved every minute of it and you have been a real blessing in my life so thank you so so much."

Rhiannon Dyke
Australia | Dressage

"Totally buzzing after yesterday's session!"

Tui Willson
New Zealand | Bodyworker, Farrier, Coach

I've never been so excited to do homework!"

Rowena Morris
Western Australia| Dressage

"I have to like let go of, he's not the horse I want, he's the horse I need. And I suppose I struggle with letting go of my expectations of what I want him to be. I think my personal headspace has improved so much just in the last few weeks."

Melanie Etheridge
Australia | Equine Therapy

"I meditated today on the beach and then connected into Ranger just to see how he was doing. It's like I don't have to leave him now so I'm not as worried about him. As you know, Ranger sees me every day and he looks for me everywhere. I have just totally and completely enjoyed this experience."

Doreen Doschadis
United States | Western Dressage & Cattle Sorting

"I feel like we can do anything now. I feel like I can just hop on and be with my horse. We went out for a ride on Wednesday, by ourselves and it was amazing. We galloped up the hill and I just felt free- I didn't feel like this separate being, I am in control here! I just felt like, oh, we're together and he's with me. And that is everything. To have had that internal shift in the connection and feel like we can do anything. And I feel like we are more of a partnership. I got the value in the first week Rommie and it's just got better since then."

Justine Davis
Australia | Dressage

"I never knew that you could communicate with animals. You do it, but never really thought that I would be able to do that. So it's kind of opened up another box for me on a different level I suppose. It's pretty amazing. He also seems to like being with me because when I go and get him, he's always waiting at the gate or he is actually watching for my car to come in. He knows my car and is waiting there, like watching me as I'm coming up the driveway and comes to the gate, he's always standing there waiting for me. [He didn't do this before]"

Rowen Morris
Western ‍‍Australia | Dressage

"Oh it was all just incredible! Every part of it!! I went out there to see her and she again come right up to me. She was doing some massive yawns, I got lots and lots of licks all over my shoulders and face and she also loved to hover over me. I then asked her if she wants to follow me for a walk and she did. I went to go get ready for my ride and when I come back to her she ran to me again! Goosebumps!!! 
Totally relaxed and was happy eating some grass while I saddled her up, didn't need to tie her and she's not anxious whatsoever!! Just WOW Rommie, I feel amazing after our session. Just did a grounding and looked out the window and I've just seen Finesse is out there waiting to see me."

Rhiannon Dyke
Australia | Dressage

"I've just done two big days of trimming feet and pretty much did not have a single horse snatch a leg, it was just amazing.The whole different energy that I took with me to work and grounded the horses and the polarity before I started trimming their feet. It was just incredible. And really interesting. I had two new clients that I hadn't met before that I'd been warned not to do their feet without the owner being there. And they're very highly strung and they were unbelievable. And she just stood there going, it's like, you've sedated my horses."

Tui Willson
New Zealand | Bodyworker, Farrier, Coach


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Who is this program for?
  • Adults riding for competition (or anyone that can work in a group setting on Zoom without supervision).
  • Those people training or working with horses in some capacity.
  • People willing to open their minds and question current beliefs.
  • Those that are open to nonconformist methods.
Who is this program not for?
  • Anyone unwilling to open their minds and question their current beliefs.
  • Anyone closed to unconventional methods.
  • Children or anyone that cannot work in a group setting on Zoom without supervision.
Where is the training held?

Trainings will be online on Zoom. I am available for in person group training, please contact me to discuss further.

What if I need some extra help outside of the Group?

Monthly one-on-one mentoring sessions (via Zoom) are available for those wanting additional custom support (whether encouragement, more time for specific questions, education or skills development). This can be arranged as a one off or you can upgrade to the Platinum Package.

What if I can't make a session?

The weekly sessions will be recorded and a link will be sent out within 24 hours of the Zoom meeting.

What this program is NOT.

This is not horse training or an observation practice.

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