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September 18, 2017
Animal Communication

Chatting with My Cat Rizzy


Of all my four pets I speak to Rizzy the most. She's the most vocal and the loudest so I guess I hear her more than the others. And while we chat most days, it's not usually about much of importance. It occurred to me last night while I was asking them all what their favourite foods were that I hadn't done this for a long time, maybe a year or longer, and I should.

If you keep reading you will see how helpful and healing this can be. I've always felt Rizzy and her brother Jack were here to teach me how to love and there is a part of this reading that was quite sad to me and I'm glad I made the time to speak with her.

I spent nearly two hours on this reading and I didn't get through all my questions as I was getting physically tired. When I started tuning into Rizzy I had no idea where she was. I had the back door open so she could have been inside or outside, but as soon as I started asking her questions she came straight into my office. This is her sitting on my notebook I was writing all her answers into. Not the most useful place to park herself, but there she is and was with me for most of her reading. By the way, if you're not a fan of cats or hate that they're hunters, you may want to read something else. :)

When I speak with her I am talking as I would with you but in my mind. I will send her pictures of certain things so she can also see what I'm trying to say and she sends me images back. When I'm trying to see what she's seeing, like her favourite food for example, I will enter through her forehead into her body and look through her eyes. The same when I do her body scan. I have left the words and phrasing as she said them. Repugnant, for example. I've never used that word in my life and Rizzy speaks of this in our reading! This always fascinates me.

My first question to Rizzy was, "How do you see the world through your eyes"?

Rizzy: "A world gone mad. Everyone's so busy and running around. No one looks at anything. Everything's so fast, they rush everywhere not seeing anything. I don't understand. Stillness is what they need. They just need to sit and be outside more." She shows me an image of someone sitting on a rock in the bush with the sun shining on their face. It's totally silent and very peaceful. You're all a bit weird, she says. You do too much without seeing. Smart cat!

Me: "What's your favourite food and what do you like about it?"
Rizzy: "Chicken wings. I like chewing. It's like I'm eating a bird. I like the gristlyness that makes it hard to eat. I like the smell (I get this pungent smell come to me). I like the feeling of the little bumps on the skin (where the feathers have been taken out). It's delicious. I don't like it too cold. Warm like a fresh kill. I'm a hunter so I like body temperature. I will eat them out of the fridge, but it's too cold on my lips and mouth."

Me: "Is your kitty litter clean enough?" I'm about to get a kitty slap here as I check them (I have 2 litter trays and should have at least 3, ie one per cat plus an extra one) every day and change them every second day!!! They're outdoor cats and rarely use them (I thought).
Rizzy: "Litter box is repugnant. I can't stand the smell of it. I wee on the floor when you don't clean it. It needs to be changed more. It stinks Mama. I hate it dirty." She reminds me 2 or 3 more times through the reading to clean her trays.

Me: "Do you know what I do?"
Rizzy: "Oh yeah Mama, you're a psychic. You're talking to me!!! (a bit of a "derrrr", are you stupid vibe here). You're home too much. You need to get another job because you're bored."
I work from home so I am definitely home too much and something I've been talking about lately actually so an interesting thing to hear from my cat. And yes I'm bored because I'm getting our house ready to sell and not working enough on things that inspire me.

Me: "Do you understand what I say to you?"
Rizzy: "Oh yeah and sometimes we ignore you. Don't we Jack. [insert cat laugh from Rizzy] Mama talks too much. It annoys Dad. His head goes all swimmy when Mama's talking too much."
Me: Little brats! But I can tell you that that's probably true.

I wanted to ask Rizzy about her being desexed when she was a kitten. I had this flash of white hot light and sensed her passing out from searing pain. She tells me this was the most excruciating pain she's ever felt and it lasted for about 10 days. I apologised to her for making her go through that. I felt terrible when she showed me this.

Rizzy has this insatiable appetite and we have to lock Jack up so she doesn't eat his food as well as her own. I have been wanting to check on this for a while because I have also noticed she is looking a little "fuller" than she should! The response I got to this wasn't quite what I was expecting, but makes a lot of sense to me. In answer to why you're eating so much and putting on weight.

Rizzy: "Mama I want to make you less fat (pets aren't politically correct so expect anything). I know you see me eating too much. I'm trying to show you that you're doing it too and if you can see me eat too much and get fat you'll see what it's doing to you. You have to stop eating Mama or you'll never be happy. I'll do you a pact. If you stop, I'll stop.
Me: This winter has been the first time in my life I have been struggling to exercise. It hasn't been motivation so much, just not interested in any of the activities I normally practice and any new ones I've come up with haven't grabbed me either. I've moved my entire life so this is quite unusual. Needless to say I have put on 3.5kg over winter, nothing fits and no, I'm not overly happy about it.

I ask Rizzy if there is any other reason she's so hungry and she tells me her food is really tasty, she loves it, but it doesn't have the nutrition in it she needs and it's too salty. She has this to say, "can you please make our food. Chicken's my favourite." So that's what we'll do.

Me: "Are there any foods you find hard to digest?"
Rizzy: "Carrot, celery, oats and rice. Please don't give me herbs. Raw chicken (we already know that one). Sardines! Her eyes almost roll back in delight here. Ohhhh Mama, can I really have sardines and oil." I'm shown her quite dry skin when she talks about the oil.

Me: "Do you have any allergies."
Rizzy: "The yellow blossoms make my eyes water. Bottlebrush is okay."

Rizzy shows me an image of cockroaches, feathers and grass in her stomach and I feel nauseous. That I already knew since I've had to clean up her vomit more times than I care to remember and notice these things inside!!!!

I ask Rizzy if she is in any pain and how her health is which she tells me she is good mostly. She says, "I feel my hysterectomy (I didn't change this word, she said this!) sometimes and it really hurts, but it's just for a second.

I decide to do a quick body scan to have a look and check. I start with her front legs, the left side front shoulder, knee, ankle is super tight. Emotional pain.
Right side is good. Circulation through her whole body is good.

Her back left hip is also extremely tight and feels to have a sharp pain. I look at each vertebra one at a time and her two right at the base are sharp and painful. I ask her about this and she says, "bad landing". She shows me her jumping down from the gate and landing heavily. She'll be fine.

Her left side neck is very tight and muscle sore. I ask her what this is as this is also the emotional side of the body and she tells me she's me. There has been a little bit of upheaval going on in my world lately and I have also had a sore left side neck and shoulder. She's trying to take this from me. This is extremely common with animals.

I check the full length of her tail and I stretch and spread her paws; they're all good. I can't explain what it's like to feel a cats tail and spreading their paws, but it's like you're feeling it for them and it's really good. It feels quite luxurious in some way.

It starts to get a little sad here and I need to give you a bit of back story on when I bought her. I had found on a local buy and sell site a litter of Burmese X kittens. There were seven in the litter and a whole range of different colours. There were two left and we decided to take them both. They were all still there when I went to have a look and I sat down on the floor and this most beautiful chocolate brown kitten with the biggest blue eyes you've ever seen walked straight over, jumped on board and curled up in my arms and went to sleep. It was just like that scene out of Jerry Macquire when Renee Zellweger said to Tom Cruise, "You had me at hello". I was definitely buying this little chap; he made my heart melt instantly. A young girl gave me one of the kittens that was for sale which was one that I bought and called Jack. This other little kitten was roaming around, but her colourings didn't appeal to me and I didn't bother with her. The owner of the kittens came in at this point and told me the chocolate brown cat (still asleep on my chest) was sold and there were only two left. I was so sad about chocolate cat and I reluctantly gave him back. The two available was Jack and this one I hadn't bothered with because I didn't like her colours! I have to say I was disappointed. What a cat snob I was. I can't believe I even thought that.'s the thing! She heard all of those thoughts.

When I got to her throat area, I heard a raspy sort of meow and I felt really sad. Sad to the point I felt like crying. When I asked her about this she told me that I didn't love her and it made her sad. She knew I thought she was ugly and that I didn't want her. I felt crushed; she was so incredibly sad saying this. I spoke to her at length and reassured her that I did love her and it was a stupid thing for me to think because as soon as I bought her I loved her right away. She had left the office a while ago, but right at this point she walked back in, looked at me and meowed. It sounded like she had a cold, just how I heard it when I was reading her. Almost like she was choking back tears too. I will keep an eye on that sound and see if it changes. From here I decided to look at her lungs, because lungs store unresolved grief and I wanted to check on that. Her left lung was showing sadness not only for me, but also for her own mother cat. I'd never spoken to her about that before. They were all sold too young in my opinion and hadn't been weened long enough. She agreed and she was really missing her own Mum. She knows she can't see her, but she misses her all the same. I asked if there was anything I could do and she said no. This was making her sad, but she was glad she had Jack. Her physical lungs and kidneys were strong. Her heart doesn't feel that strong, but I don't see any issues there.

Me: "Are you lonely?"
Rizzy: "No, I have everyone here."

I see a lot of mental tension and when I ask her about this she tells me she's trying to make me love her. :(:(:( I will give her lots of extra hugs for a while and reassure her that I love her to pieces.

Rizzy: "Can I please sleep with you?"
Me: "Maybe we can do that on the weekends and providing that when you clean yourself through the night, you go outside and do that." We will see what happens!!!

While I'm talking to  her I see Roger the cat I had before Rizzy and Jack. I feel him around often and he'd come to join the party today. Rizzy knew I didn't even have to say anything because she said straight away, "he's here all the time. he's funny and he tells us all about things you used to do (I didn't dare ask what). And do you know what Mama, he used to suck his thumb. He was taken from his mother early too, like us." His mother was sold when he was four weeks old and when I bought him he was sucking his thumb right through until he died at 12. So sad.

I ask about what it's like to climb a tree and I am physically shown the sensation of power and strength they feel at the base of their claws when they climb. She also says it's a bit harder being heavier!

We are having issues with one of our neighbours over the back jumping over our fence and killing and cutting down our trees. I ask her about him. She tells me he's always looking up at the pine tree and he's down at the fence line every day; either on his side or our side of the fence. She saw him recently with a measuring tape in our bamboo measuring to one of our little bridges that runs over the back creek. She says he's mean and he was looking into the water. Free spies!!!! Good information because this man can't be trusted.

Me: "Do you know the neighbourhood cats?"
Rizzy: "Yes the black and white cat up the hill. Jack hates him. He's okay, he's just bored and lonely. He comes down to talk, but Jack goes crazy. I see a white one, but I don't talk to him much. Jack hates him too."

Me: "How do you get on with Jack?"
Rizzy: "Sometimes I'm lonely because he keeps to himself, but I love him. He's really heavy and hurts when we play. I know I start that most of the time. I want to play, but then remember he's so heavy. He loves me and wants to protect me."

Me: "Of all the names I call you, which one/s do you like the most?"
Rizzy: "Still Swizzy and Swizzle. I really like Wippy. When you call me that I feel like you really love me."

Me: "What about Albi and Kenny (the dogs)?"
Rizzy: I love Albi. I like Kenny too, but he doesn't get cats. They talk amongst themselves all the time. You might think we're asleep, but we're all talking about you and Dad. And whatever you're talking about, we talk about. We laugh a lot too. You say silly things."

Me: "What's your favourite thing to do?"
Rizzy: "Pouncing on mice."
I then get a vision of her doing this!

At this point I'm exhausted and can't keep my focus so I finish up. I thank Rizzy for talking to me and promise I love her and I will clean her litter and feed her chicken. There is more I would like to speak with her about, but I will come back to this in a few weeks.

I hope  you've found this as interesting reading about our chat as I do talking to her.

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