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January 18, 2019
Wild Animals

Chatting with the American Bison


Isn't this just a beautiful animal. I feel such a strong connection to them and for some reason today was compelled to have a psychic round table with the Bison collective.

As soon as I started tuning in I felt myself get so small to the point of disappearing completely. A Native American elder seemed to replace me and stood where I was standing. An endless line of other Native Americans kept forming along with an endless herd of Bison. It's very hard to explain, but I felt like all I was was a consciousness, not a person or a body; I had no shape or form. I was somewhere, but nowhere. Like I could sense myself only as a voice or energy perhaps.

I see a group of American Indians dancing, they have some kind of wooden thing "clacking" together like a rattle. I'm shown Bison hooves made into an instrument. When I ask what they're doing, I'm told they're doing a dance for Bison reproduction.

This dancing is replaced by a single Bison voice, but I see Bison all around. I forget to ask them if it's okay to have a conversation with them today which I always like to do when I talk to any animal as I feel it disrespectful to barge into their consciousness when they may not want me there. Maybe it's because the conversation seems to flow straight away, but at least I thank them all for coming! There are Bison in Europe and although I wasn't specifically logging in to talk to the American Bison, it just happened that way. That may have something to do with many past lives as a Native American myself.

This is our conversation today.

Me: I hear there are only two types of Bison left, is this true?
Bison: There are three. The third is currently unknown. They have longer hair and they're far South. There are very few of them left and they will be gone in the next 3-4 years.
Me: Are Bison near extinction in general?
Bison: There will be 20% left in 20 years. We will be extinct in 30-50 years time.
Me: How are you feeling in this current environment?
Here I'm shown a gas being breathed in by the Bison, it's poisonous and is one of the many toxins killing them off. I am shown a Nazi gas chamber and hear the words, "it's a natural gas chamber".
Me: Where is this pollution coming from?
Bison: It is global pollution, but particularly coming up from industry in Mexico.
I taste the grass and food as if I'm the Bison eating and it's so toxic; a chemically pesticide type of taste. I feel like spitting it out. I feel digestive upset; it feels like needles poking from the inside and I feel like I have a stomach ache. I taste the water and it tastes like the food; toxic. The air they breath, the food they eat, the water they drink is all poisonous. I am shown their physical hearts are weakening, their teeth are rotting and their entire system is under so much duress processing these toxins. Their hooves have weakened in a way they are struggling to manage the terrain; summer and winter.

I gaze at the Bison a little in despair. I not only sense their own collective sadness, but a real sense of defeat. I'm told they are succumbing to the way and harm of man and it will not be reversed

Bison: What do you do when man does so much harm to our environment? There is no going back. Arrogance and progress are one and the same. Man knows all. We will roam until we die, unwell from pollution, with constant headaches, skin irritation and digestive issues.

We are alone. We have no voice.

The downside of globalisation is a threat to nature that is being ignored and the life of nature scoffed at. The entire planet is being set up for extinction.

Me: Do you have a message for man?

Bison: You will be gone and not forgotten. We will be gone and forgotten.
The planet is out of balance. Stop progress and just be. Connect to your roots, get back to earth and understand the true nature of life. The more the planet tries to right itself (with floods, fires, earthquakes, etc), the more humans flail around causing more and ongoing chaos. The planet can't survive like this. Man must listen more and do less. Man must learn from nature; the trees, the animals, the ecosystem as a whole. Or...the destroyer will be destroyed!

Me: Thank you for talking to me today. I love you.
Me: Sign off and sigh with sadness.

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