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May 27, 2020
Marine Animals

Connecting with the Octopus

There was a post up on instagram recently from @_the_mad_biologist talking about how octopus eat their own tentacles when they're starving. I found that intriguing and wanted to check in on these cool creatures of the sea.

For those of you that are unfamiliar, it is possible to tune into all things and that includes the collective consciousness of a species. In this instance I was tuning into team Octopus. I know the scientists may have trouble with this, but if you're open to the possibilities and try not to get locked down by belief systems and what's right/wrong, possible/not possible there can be valuable information passed on by our animals. We can learn a lot from them if we can listen with neutrality.

When I connect with an individual animal I get a sense of their personal essence. The same with a collective, but I get what feels like a spokesperson of the group and they share their group essence with me. It may be different for other communicators out there, but this is how I am shown it.

So....I have this large, angry and in your face octopus come front and centre. His face is in my face and his arms and legs are all stretching down to the ocean floor. He was holding himself very tight in a grumpy and militant kind of way. At this point I hadn't actually asked any questions I was just seeing what would show up. As this Octopus appeared in my inner vision, so did his rather terse and peeved off voice....

"Are you people stupid? How do you even still exist. How have you not self combusted? You are doing your very best to turn this planet into a burning fireball. Everything you are doing is selfish and for your own good. Humans are irresponsible."

I felt like I was being berated in a Manager's office.

I tell him that I understand and agree with what they're saying about the human race and what we're doing to this planet. I say that I'm wanting to ask him a few questions out of concern and that if I as a single person can be part of the bigger voice, perhaps it's possible to get their thoughts out to the people. So I ask a few ....

Me: "I've heard that you eat your arms, why do you do that?"

Octopus: "Of course we eat ourselves, why wouldn't we eat ourselves. Humans are so vain, it makes them impractical. Re-Creation! You see this as death, we see this as recreation. This is a rebirth."

Me: "But you die after that right?"

Octopus: "No, we're recycled. We don't die, we recycle."

"You think death is the end. Death is a part of the process. It's not the end of anything. There is no end, there is no beginning. You have this preposterous view on life."

Me: "How are you faring in this world? What's changed?"

Octopus: "The ocean's a mess, can't you see, it's brown (when he says this, the brown is more symbolic of the pollution, oil, plastic, overfishing, etc as a whole and not the colour). Of course things have changed. You know they've changed."

"We are all here for one purpose to survive, to grow, to evolve, to recycle, to do it again. To grow, evolve, recycle, do it again."

Me: "Is there anything that you would like to see from us (humans)."

Octopus: "Yes, get your ships back into port. And clean my decks." (As in clean the oil, pollution and mess out of the oceans.)

"We can't survive this, this is like an oceanic holocaust. Clean the decks, get your boats back in port and stop messing up this ocean."

Me: "Why don't you just keep recycling, as you said. Why do you need to eat yourself? What is that?"

Octopus: "We're fished out Ma'am (grumpy, but polite octopus). What else do you think we're going to eat. You've taken our life support. There is not enough to support all oceanic beings.."

I ask if this process hurts which he tells me it doesn't. As feeling is one of my strong senses I tune into my "inner octopus" to see what they feel. I can sense it, but there is no pain. Like when the dentist numbs a tooth before they pull it out. You know it's happening, but it doesn't hurt. Also, interestingly enough there's a lot of freedom to the sensation of it once it's gone. It feels light. I find that rather curious! While I'm feeling into this, I hear him say, "we're not the only ones to do it." at which time I'm shown an image of a spider.

I start to feel like him overheating; I'm very uncomfortable and while I want to escape this sensation I'm stuck here so I get the full sense of what they're experiencing. I feel hot as the temperature of the ocean is getting warmer and my head starts to spin like I have a neurological issue. This feels like the effects of temperature, pollution and food supplies drying up. He's showing me how they physically feel with the changes and it's not good.

Before signing off from our chat Octopus passes on their final message, "You are not bigger than everything. You are actually not bigger than anything and you're getting woken up and cut back to size."

Yes that is probably quite true and to finish I would like to share a quote by Paul Oxton. My mission in this life is to be the voice for the voiceless!

“Humanity can no longer stand by in silence while our wildlife are being used, abused and exploited. It is time we all stand together, to be the voice of the voiceless before it's too late. Extinction means forever.”

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