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May 6, 2020
Animal Communication

Part I, How the Ancient Cultures Lived with Animals

How the Ancient Cultures Lived (in Harmony) with Animals

Part I, The Lakota Tribe and Buffalo


As I often do, I'd been wondering how the relationship between humans and animals had gotten itself so rampantly out of balance. I'm a pragmatic person so I know we're not about to return to the times we lived with respect and in harmony, but I was interested to see what we've lost.

I found this short trip through these three ancient cultures rather moving. I left it up to Spirit as to what cultures I needed to see today and I must say the Greek and Maasai journeys were quite unexpected. I've had numerous lifetimes as a Native American healer and I've spent many meditations learning about my past here so this was not such a surprise.

I am hearing today we are with the Lakota Tribe in 1712.

At the very beginning of my meditation I hear the words, "How the Ancient Cultures Lived in Harmony with Animals". Sounds like a great title to a blog post don't you think!!! It also sounded like a good subject to follow while I was heading to Zensville, so I ask to be shown (in summary) three cultures in this session.

I sit and wait patiently with my inner black screen playing and like a cross dissolve from black I now have a Buffalo standing in my vision. As the "screen" broadens, I see a Native American tribe leader with his face lifted to the heavens, eyes closed, reciting a prayer in his native tongue. He has his hand gently resting on the buffalo's forehead.  It's hard to describe the depth of feeling I get when I receive these teachings, but at this moment I am feeling SO much respect and love between man and animal it's palpable.

I am told this buffalo has offered himself to the tribe and that is why he is there. The tribe leader is offering love and gratitude and his prayer is to ask for this buffalo to transition with ease and grace back to spirit.

My vision moves to show the entire tribe of all ages, from children to the elders, sitting around a fire holding hands, joining with this prayer of gratefulness for this sacrifice. The people of this land are so humbled by the animals that surround them. There is no separation, they are one with all - the wolves, horses, buffalo, bison, birds, snakes, insects and man. The love between them, this innate understanding and the humility between man and animal... there are no words really, it is just a profound feeling in a way that I can't describe on paper.

I ask if there is anything else Spirit would like to show me at this time and I see the Buffalo stamp his right foot as he bows his head, snorting; he is acknowledging (and accepting) the prayer of gratitude and thankfulness. It's like he's saying, "you're welcome, let us live together in harmony". He stamps his foot again, indicating that it is time.

I sit in silence for a moment while I process these visions and feelings before I am moved to a Greek fisherman sitting in his small wooden boat fishing for his family.

Stay tuned for this story and the message given tomorrow.

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