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What I do now is not what I've always done, but in various ways, it all adds to what I'm doing. I have a background in logistics, sports training, teaching of movement, physical therapy, natural nutrition, sports injury management, energy medicine and spiritual teaching. Right now (and for the 8 years) I am an animal communicator, animal energy worker, a missing animals investigator, an intuitive and part time medium. I say part time because it's not front and centre to what I do, but it comes in if it's necessary.

You're probably getting the picture I'm a bit into animals. I was brought up on a wheat and sheep property in Western Australia and had dogs, cats, chooks, sheep (and far too often snakes and spiders) surrounding me, so how I could I not be. I have such a strong connection to these amazing creatures and I want to help them - domestic ones and wild ones alike. It's no coincidence that animal communication has filtered into my world and I reckon it's my duty and privilege to be their voice.

My sweet "fixing and finding" juices flow when I'm trying to solve a problem I just know I can find the answer to or if something's missing and I'm determined to find it. I'm like a dog with a bone when I'm looking for something. Hence also working as a missing animals investigator. It absolutely fits my personality and puts a world of fire in my belly.

That's me in a nutshell and as life is ever evolving and I'm always learning something new I'm sure I'll be adding and changing to this over time. Outside of my work, I'm passionate about health, fitness, photography and travel so if you're not seeing me chatting to animals I will be doing something equally as fun and worthwhile.

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Brisbane, Australia
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