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I have had a life surrounded by animals and have had all the issues many people experience throughout their animal caring life. I’ve had animals stolen and not known where to look, I’ve felt guilty because I’ve missed something major and that furry family member passed way too early, I’ve had to make that life ending decision on their behalf – do they want to pass themselves or do I need to help them out? I never knew, and like most people I’ve not known what they’ve needed.

I guess the Universe waited until they saw I was up for the challenge and pushed me down the path of finding out what to do with all that and for the past 9 or 10 years I have been privileged to do something I’m passionate about. I am honoured to be living a purpose driven life filled with animals. What does that mean? Well, I can help with your animal family!

I can help you to communicate with them to help know what they need or understand them.

Maybe they’ve started some new behaviour or you see they’re unhappy (and any other question you may have), I can try and determine the “why”.

They may be unwell, come out of surgery, have injuries that aren’t healing, they’re depressed, angry or generally unhappy and need some energy healing.

You’ve been to vet after vet after animal health practitioner and still can’t get to the bottom of your dogs issues. I can do an intuitive body scan and see what we can find what’s going on with them.

And if you love this so much and want to learn how to communicate with your animal family yourself, I can teach you how to do that. I am particularly on a mission to help (re)build the connection between people and animals and being able to talk to your animals is life changing for both parties.


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Brisbane, Australia
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