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International #1 Best Selling Author, Animal Educator, Motivational Speaker and Interspecies Communicator.

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About Rommie

International #1 Best Selling Author, Animal Educator, Motivational Speaker and Interspecies Communicator.

My story started when I was 2 years old and having conversations with dogs, snakes, birds and sheep on the farm I grew up on. It's a fascinating childhood to look back on now, but I promptly forgot all that I knew when I was shipped off at 6 years old to shut down the right brain and learn maths and spelling. Fast track to 40 and these loquacious animals are back on my radar and for the past 10 plus years they have become my life's work.

I grew up on a farm in the central wheatbelt of Western Australia which was the absolute ideal lifestyle for a kid. I was surrounded by animals, big open spaces, riding motorbikes almost out of a nappy and driving Dad to various tractors at 9 years old .... nothing could have been better!

I have had animals with me ever since and like you reading here today, I have had all the problems you have probably experienced yourself with your animals. I’ve had animals lost and stolen and not known where to look, I’ve felt guilty because I’ve missed something major and they've died way too early, I’ve had to make that life ending decision on their behalf – do they want to pass themselves or do I need to help them out? I never knew, and like most people I’ve not known what they’ve needed.

After somewhat of an animal chat hiatus, I guess the Universe waited until they saw I was back up for the challenge and pushed me down the path of finding out what to do with all that so for the past decade I have been privileged to do something I’m passionate about. I am honoured to be living a purpose driven life filled with animals.

Things are changing though. Not a whole lot, animals and interspecies communication will be my driving force until I depart this planet, but it is time to take on new challenges. So as I (slowly) shift away from one on one communications, I am taking steps to enter the world of working with larger groups of animal handlers to help them build confidence, understand the animals in their care, to learn the art of interspecies communication, to strengthen relationships and to improve their performance.

I have programs hitting the ground in July 2023 working with Performance Horse Riders, K9 Handlers working in search and rescue/recovery, detection dogs and Wildlife Handlers seeking their own growth and expansion. Check out the Programs on the menu above for all the latest there.

I hope to be working with you someday in the future. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or enquiry.

3 Steps to Building a Stronger Connection with your Animals— free download👍

Connected Champions Protégé Program

A group mentoring and training program for performance horse riders to deepen their horse's trust in them, for greater understanding, stronger connection and improved performance.

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Empowered K9
Handling Program

Everything your K9 Handling team working in search and rescue, tracking and detection need to support their training, build trust and connection and improve performance.

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Wildlife Caregivers Support Program

An 8 week group program designed for wildlife handlers to better understand and develop peace in the animals in their care, to establish trust and to find solutions to behavioural, psychological and physical health problems.

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One-to-One Mentoring

A 90 minute one-to-one mentoring session supporting programs to improve skills, educate and cover specific questions.

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