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A Non-Verbal Communication Method

About Animal Communication

Animal Communication is a non-verbal method of communication, exchanging information between humans and animals, using intuitive skills. This includes exchange of feelings, emotions, mental impressions, thoughts, touch, smell, taste, sound and visuals in the mind’s eye.

These exchanges can occur while in physical proximity to the animal as well as over great distances. 

An Animal Communicator can be the conduit to help animals and their minders understand each other better, it is useful to work through new behaviours, it can also be a useful tool in investigation, including helping locate missing animals.

It is not limited to your domestic family animals you can connect with all tamed and untamed species! When you are experiencing any physical or psychological problems with your animal, it is worth considering an Interspecies Communication session.

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45 and 60 minute options

What length session do I need?

All communications are different as all animals are unique and the questions you seek clarification on are individual to that animal. So, in some sense I could answer that question with the question, "how long is a piece of string?".

Major health issues may need a Medical Intuitive Session (see the menu for more information there). It's not a conversation like I'd have with a person, so navigating illness and health can be a lengthy, peeling back the layers process. You could start with a 60 minute session there and see what comes up, otherwise a full Medical Intuitive Session may be what you need. I do recommend these if you have been to several vets and still have no resolution.



  • One or two animals.
  • Still a general session with 3-5 simple questions as above.


Unless your animal has a health problem and you want to see what can be ascertained in this timeframe, or you have a multitude of questions, a 30-45 minute session will most likely be all you need.

  • 60 minutes is more for health questions. As I mentioned, health is a process and it can be lengthy, so depending on what's going on, we may not get to the bottom of the problem. Information can also be blocked by an animal if they don't want it to be known, so there are many factors here. If health issues are lengthy or more complex, a full medical intuitive session may be required. Please go here for further information.
  • Training issues with your horse or dog.
  • When you're buying a new horse and want to check in more with very specific questions of what you're looking for in that horse.
Animal communication


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