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Below is a list of people I follow and recommend.

Animal Behaviour and Training
Dr Ian Dunbar - https://www.dunbaracademy.com/
Cesar Millan - https://www.cesarsway.com/
Sarah Hodgson - https://www.sarahsayspets.com/

Animal Nutrition
Dr Ian Billinghurst - https://drianbillinghurst.com/
Dr Nick Thompson - https://holisticvet.co.uk/
Dr Karen Becker - https://drkarenbecker.com/
Raw Pet Medics - https://rawpetmedics.com/
Dr Judy Morgan - https://drjudymorgan.com/
DeDe Murcer Moffett - https://rawdogfoodandco.com/why-raw-dog-food/

Sound Behaviourist for Animals
Janet Marlow, Pet Acoustics - https://www.petacoustics.com/
Lisa Spector, Pet Calming Maestro - https://lisaspector.com/pet-calming-maestro/

Understanding Silent Pain in Animals
Dr Edward Bassingthwaite - https://thehealingvet.com/ 

Pet Loss & Grief Specialist
Nancy Gordon - https://nancygordonglobal.com/

Anxiety (but not limited to)
Dr Janet Roark - https://essentialoilvet.com/
Dr Jean Hofve - https://littlebigcat.com/
Gary Craig - Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) -https://emofree.com/animals/general-animals/pets-ideas-article.html
Dr Bradley Nelson - Emotion Code - https://drbradleynelson.com/learn-to-release-your-pets-trapped-emotions/
Linda Tellington-Jones - Tellington T. Touch - https://ttouch.com/
Adele Leas - Jin Shin Jyutsu - https://jsjforyouranimal.com/

Carlos Tabernaberri - https://whisperingacres.com/

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