How the Ancient Cultures Lived (in Harmony) with Animals

Part III, The Maasai and the Warthog


My vision clears and I see a Maasai leader and a warthog walking side by side across the land. This is not a domesticated animal, but between them I sense a deep understanding and knowing.

The reel rewinds and I am shown a night view of a village of families singing and swaying. There is a real sense of reverence, like they are respectfully praying for food knowing that whatever they receive is what they could have. They acknowledge that this may also be nothing, yet that is enough. I hear the words, "survival of the fittest" - if they receive nothing, and some of their people die, they accept that as part of the process.

I come a little closer to them singing in prayer, asking (their) God to choose what it is their tribe and families need to sustain them. It's hard to articulate, but I feel this divine presence sizing up the group to determine just the right amount of food and the right type and sized animal to suit.

My vision turns from night to day and a warthog appears standing alone in the open, making himself available to them. He is far away from the village, they can't see him visually, but he makes himself energetically, physically and intuitively available and the inner GPS of the Maasai leaders know exactly where to go to find him.

The message is the same as the two previous visions - never take more than you need, don't be wasteful and use all. There's no gluttony and greed, no overeating, no overconsumption, no hoarding and they use the entire animal right down to drinking the blood (I sense healing properties as well endurance with the blood and am shown the essential mineral iron).

Again, there is so much appreciation and gratitude from the people to the animals that sacrifice themselves for their survival. It is all a part of their role in that lifetime; one that is fully understood and accepted by both the humans and animals of the time.