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Medical Intuitive Readings for Animals & People

Well known Spiritual Teacher, author and exceptionally accurate Medical Intuitive Caroline Myss coined the term Medical Intuition back when it was relatively unknown. There are many medical intuitives out there now and it can be an incredibly useful tool to have in your wellness toolbox.

Very simply, this is where I tap into an animal or person's energy and try and determine what's going on with them physically and emotionally. I will mostly scan all the organs, systems, energy centres and fields and gather whatever information is relevant in that moment.

It is never a replacement for professional veterinary or medical care and I see it almost as the a resort when you have had your pet at vet after vet after chiropractor, naturopath, homeopath or whoever you may be using trying to work out what's wrong with them and still there are no answers. Or the same with yourself, you've been to every doctor, naturopath, specialist, etc and your health is not improving and there are still no answers.

It is just another tool, it is not the entire answer and there are never any guarantees of information or outcomes. I do not diagnose so you will not get a diagnosis from me.


Full Medical Intuitive Session.

All Pricing is shown in Australian Dollars.

Medical Intuition for Animals and People
// AUD
When a session is booked, I will spend approximately 2 hours scanning your body. This part I do by myself.
The time you are booking is the Zoom catch up that we will have together where I go through my findings with you. If there is anything that I need to get more information on at that time I will do that with you.
A written report will be emailed to you of any findings.
NB: This is information only, not a diagnosis.
Allow up to 60 minutes for the Zoom session.
Any questions? Check out FAQ or don’t hesitate to contact me.
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