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You will mostly find me behind a video screen- a very useful tool that allows me to spread myself internationally, but there has been call to understand better how I work and what animal communication and medical intuition look like. With that in mind, I have started to venture out and talk to real live horses!

If you are interested to see animal communication in action, you will find some short (6-7 minutes) videos showcasing my work. As these horses are all different, so are the questions from their people and the conversations with the horses themselves.


Connected Champions Protégé Program

The Connected Champions Protégé Program is an online, multidisciplinary group mentoring program for horse riders, trainers and handlers based on my unique method- The Bühler Method. This is an approach from an Energy Medicine, Animal Communication and Medical Intuition perspective.

It is designed, through fine tuning intuitive skills, learning restorative strategies and perceiving energy, to build such a potent level of understanding and connection with your horse that it will revolutionise harmony and performance!

This program will give greater insight into your horse’s inherent nature, design, constitution and tendencies and it will increase your confidence and connection to create a more relaxed and enjoyable riding, training and handling experience for both you and your horse.


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Love from the Graduates...

It has been life changing for me. I've just done two big days of trimming feet and pretty much did not have a single horse snatch a leg, it was just amazing. I had two new clients that I hadn't met before that I'd been warned not to do their feet without the owner being there- they're very highly strung and they were unbelievable. And she just stood there going, it's like, you've sedated my horses.

It was amazing the reaction these horses had to me and the way I handled them. It makes you feel so good. It's just incredible.

Tui Willson
New Zealand | Bodyworker, Farrier, Coach

"I want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of this beautiful and transformational journey. I can hand on heart say I have loved every minute of it and you have been a real blessing in my life so thank you so so much."

Rhiannon Dyke
Australia | Dressage

I've just read through my soul profile and it's helped me so much in understanding why and where my energy has been depleted. This is such an incredible tool for course correction thank you.

Justine Davis
Australia | Dressage

I've never been so excited to do homework!"

Rowena Morris
Western Australia| Dressage

"I have to like let go of, he's not the horse I want, he's the horse I need. And I suppose I struggle with letting go of my expectations of what I want him to be. I think my personal headspace has improved so much just in the last few weeks."

Melanie Etheridge
Australia | Equine Therapy

"I meditated today on the beach and then connected into Ranger just to see how he was doing. It's like I don't have to leave him now so I'm not as worried about him. As you know, Ranger sees me every day and he looks for me everywhere. I have just totally and completely enjoyed this experience."

Doreen Doschadis
United States | Western Dressage & Cattle Sorting

"I feel like we can do anything now. I feel like I can just hop on and be with my horse. We went out for a ride on Wednesday, by ourselves and it was amazing. We galloped up the hill and I just felt free- I didn't feel like this separate being, I am in control here! I just felt like, oh, we're together and he's with me. And that is everything. To have had that internal shift in the connection and feel like we can do anything. And I feel like we are more of a partnership. I got the value in the first week Rommie and it's just got better since then."

Justine Davis
Australia | Dressage

"I never knew that you could communicate with animals. You do it, but never really thought that I would be able to do that. So it's kind of opened up another box for me on a different level I suppose. It's pretty amazing. He also seems to like being with me because when I go and get him, he's always waiting at the gate or he is actually watching for my car to come in. He knows my car and is waiting there, like watching me as I'm coming up the driveway and comes to the gate, he's always standing there waiting for me. [He didn't do this before]"

Rowen Morris
Western ‍‍Australia | Dressage

"Oh it was all just incredible! Every part of it!! I went out there to see her and she again come right up to me. She was doing some massive yawns, I got lots and lots of licks all over my shoulders and face and she also loved to hover over me. I then asked her if she wants to follow me for a walk and she did. I went to go get ready for my ride and when I come back to her she ran to me again! Goosebumps!!! 
Totally relaxed and was happy eating some grass while I saddled her up, didn't need to tie her and she's not anxious whatsoever!! Just WOW Rommie, I feel amazing after our session. Just did a grounding and looked out the window and I've just seen Finesse is out there waiting to see me."

Rhiannon Dyke
Australia | Dressage

"Rommie, I feel so blessed to have been a part of your Connected Champions Protégé Program. I wasn’t sure if it would be right for me, as I don’t ride my horse a lot, and thought your program might be more for riders and horses who compete in equestrian sports. I couldn’t have been more wrong, and my mind was blown! My relationship with all my horses has shifted in such a respectful and positive way and it has also helped me have a shift in the relationship I have with myself, I can’t thank you enough for the knowledge that you shared over the last 8 weeks. I don’t want the program to end……… again, thank you so very much."

Melanie Etheridge
| Equine Therapy
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